FREDLIGHTING TECHNOLOGY LIMITEDAbout UsFloor 5, 18 building, Shapuwei Second Industrial Area, SonggangTown, Bao an District, Shenzhen, China.Fredlighting Technology Limited was established in 2008, with 3500 square meters of production base and R & D center. It is committed to research and development of leading LED (lightemitting diode) technology, and a professional LED soft / hard light strip light, LED Indoor/outdoor lights, LED industrial lighting, LED commercial lighting, LED modules, LED G4 and other products development, production, sales and integration services manufacturers. The company currently has SMT machines, reflow soldering machines, integrating ball machines and highprecision testing A series of advanced equipment suc

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Model NO. FD-CL15W-005
Model NO. FD-CL7W-001
Model NO. FD-CL12W-002
Model NO. FD-CL9W-003
Model NO. FD-CL12W-004
Model NO. FD-CL21W-006
Model NO. FD-CL7W-007
Model NO. FD-CL5W-008
Model NO. FD-CL13W-009
Model NO. FD-CL15W-011
Model NO. FD-HBL400W-A
Model NO. FD-HBL320W-A
Model NO. FD-HBL250W-A
Model NO. FD-HBL200W-A
Model NO. FD-HBL150W-B
Model NO. FD-HBL150W-A
Model NO. FD-HBL120W-A
Model NO. FD-HBL80W-A
Model NO. FD-HBL60W-A
Model NO. FD-LL-B002

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